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The worldwide economy these days has faced up with many difficulties from the East to the West, the North to the South. Therefore, people are all in thrifty mode and must consider carefully before deciding to spend money for anything. When it comes to the payment, people are more cautious. Just until the item is actually broken out or damaged, they decide to find the replacement. All the decisions are made after a process of consideration.

It is the same in futon mattress industry. You need to pay attention in looking for a suitable futon mattress before deciding to purchase because it is not a small investment. The main purpose of the futon mattress has to be clearly clarified, for example, do you use it as a couch or as a bed for daily sleep?

Now let’s start your journey! There are a plenty of futon mattress styles available on the mattress you can choose from. Problem is how you know which one is the most suitable with you? To know that, first of all you have to determine what you suppose to do with that mattress. If you are planning to use it as a temporary bed, you have better pay attention to the level of firmness this futon mattress has. In this aspect, futon mattresses are divided into three main levels: soft, medium and firm. If you want a soft one, it is recommended to choose a memory foam futon mattress.

It brings you comfortable feeling like in the heaven while sleeping on it and it can last for a long period of time too. However, the price of this type is quite expensive, you should invest on it if you don’t have a tight budget. If you want a firmer one, choose medium futon mattress. Almost this type of mattresses are made of innerspring. It includes a system of coils so provides significant support to human body.


The coil system is usually surrounded by one or more layers of foam or cotton so that consumers will not feel the coils. The price is also more affordable. Firm futon mattress is the last type. We are not sure how many people enjoy this type of mattress since it is too hard in comparison to other types and doesn’t not give enough comfort and support to your back and neck during sleeping. Cotton is the main filling used in manufacturing this type of mattress.

The level of firmness is the only aspect you need to take into consideration while choosing a futon mattress. Besides, you also keep an eye in the content of polyester contained in the futon mattress you plan to purchase. Polyester is a multi-functional material which is significantly used in producing mattress by combining with other ones. This material helps the mattress to remain the rigidity and last longer.

Use futon mattress cover and you will have a satisfactory decoration

Futon frame is one of the important

Wood, metal, rattan or various other types of futon frames is not usually the most noticeable part of your futon. What is noticeable is the mattress cover. You can purchase futon mattress covers in a price range starting at $20.00 and going up from that point to whatever point your budget allows. Also, keeping an extra cover in storage gives you the opportunity and flexibility to quickly change your decor by simply changing the futon mattress cover.

There are several factors to take into consideration when buying a futon mattress cover. Covers come in an assortment of fabrics such as a cotton/polyester blend, denim, micro suede, chenille, linen, leather look vinyl, and more. Some fabrics are washable while others need professional cleaning. In addition to fabric choices, you have choices to make concerning how you want the cover to fit. Some come with zipper closings while other have elastic that secures them to the mattress. According to most product reviews, covers with elastic seem to be the most preferred and seem to stay more securely in place.

The amount of usage your futon receives has a great influence on your selection of fabric. A futon in a guest room would certainly receive less use than a futon in your living area or a child's room. Chenille or linen would work well in a guest room. Leather look vinyl and micro or faux suede are good fabric choices if you have pets that will be sharing the futon with you. The leather look vinyl can easily be wiped off and a lint brush quickly removes pet hair from the faux suede. Even if don't have a pet, these two fabric choices would be ideal for a family room where the futon receives a lot of use.

A futon is a good choice of furniture for a child's room. You can change the mattress cover as the child matures so that is reflects their interest at various age levels. In addition, denim and cotton/polyester blends are good choices for a child's room.

Futon mattress covers come in solid colors, animal prints, woodland themes, tropical designs, festive colors, oriental designs, and many more patterns. You can change the appearance of a room simply by changing the futon cover. You can change it to coordinate with a holiday theme, a tropical theme for summer, or to create a romantic mood any time of year.

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