Where to purchase the best futon mattress

If you are going to move to the new place, there are various things you need to buy. Futon mattress is one of them, particularly when your new apartment is not too spacious, and you have the futon frame already.

The problem now is where to purchase the best futon mattress? If you have no experience in this sector and have no idea about brands, manufacturers and so on, purchasing a futon mattress is definitely not an easy task.


It is essential to understand that each futon mattress has its own characteristics and no one is the same as other. Futon mattresses these days are available on the market with various kinds in all sizes and prices. In general, futon mattresses include full size, twin size and queen size.

Finding a specialty futon store is not quite easy, unless you live in a major metropolitan areas. Sometimes in such big cities like Chicago and New York, there are limited number of such stores. Some furniture stores also provide futon mattresses but the selection is not too much and limited to few collections only.

Internet is becoming the trend over the world, so it is strange if you do not go to the Internet and have a search for the keyword “futon mattress” or something like that. However, there are a wide range of results from Amazon, Walmart, and other stores so overwhelming may be your feeling then.

So how do you know which futon mattress is suitable for your house? Customers’ reviews? It is a good source, of course, but you may be confused by a lot of mixed messages from negative to positive. Unfortunately, from a recent poll we see that almost people decide to purchase a futon mattress online just based on its price but know little, or even have no idea, about whether the selection they make is right or not.

When reading the review about a certain futon mattress, you may happen to see someone said that it is very uncomfortable while the other one commented that it is perfect. You have better keep in mind that all is about how it is used. A $200 futon mattress used as daily bed may make its owner unpleasant. On the other hand, people purchasing it for occasional use may have the opposite thinking.


To avoid later regret, it is important for you to make the right decision. First of all, you need to consider the purpose of the futon mattress. Do you want to use it as daily bed, or for occasional events only?

With the price range is about $200, you can find more than 20 different models in various online stores for everyday use. If your budget is larger, about $500 for example, there are more than 50 types of futon mattresses to choose from.

Finally, in case you have any question about futon mattress, you have better pick your phone up and ask for advice from specialty customer service staff.

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