What you need to know about the futon frame

If you use your futon as your daily bed or sofa, it is important to choose the right futon frame. In the market futon frames are usually divided into some common categories based on the materials: oakwood, hardwood, pinewood and metal. According to your usage, you have better choose the suitable one of futon frame. Whichever futon frame you purchase, remember to select something solid and strong.

Among these kinds of futon frames, oakwood futon frames are considered as one of the best and the most expensive ones. Solid oak with its outstanding durable characteristic, is usually used to make futon frames. This kind of material is heavy as well.

According to manufacturers, the heavier the frame is, the more expensive it will be in quality and price. The lighter the frame is, the more difficult you may have when operating the frame for converting from sofa to bed or vice versa. It’s all in the weight of the futon frame. This is the reason why almost oakwood futon frame is more expensive than the others.

What you need to know about the futon frame

Hardwood frames are another kind of futon frames that you easily see in any futon frame store. They are the most common one with average prices because they are made from various types of hardwood trees.

Their durability is quite high. Except the arms, there is no difference in almost futon frame’s bodies. The arms become the main factor deciding the price and quality of a frame. Easy to say, the skinner the arms are, the less expensive the frame is.

In addition, pinewood is another choice for futon frames. These frames are produced from soft wood. Among above futon frames, these are the cheapest one and usually come unfinished. In case you want to save money and not use the futon frame routinely, pinewood can be a great choice. It is also a perfect solution for temporary events.


Last but not least is the metal frame futons. Please take note that metal frame futons include all-metal frames and metal-body-and-wood-arms frames as well. In comparison to other wood frames, this kind is more affordable in case you do not spend too much on the futon frame.

One drawback of metal futon frame you should keep in mind is that futon mattress cannot stay evenly on the metal frame as on the wood one. Moreover, the slats in metal frames are quite thin and tubular, in comparison with the wide and flat ones in the wood ones, so people may not feel as comfortable as the wood futon frame.

In general, from the above information, before deciding to purchase the futon frame, you take into consideration what you should know about the futon frame such as how long will you use and what will you use futon frame for. Price and function are also factors that you should note.

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