Stealth limited FS2410: SURV from forest river big on luxury, sleeping accommodations

Many SURV owners enjoy few things over a weekend in the wonderful outdoors with different fellow adventurers riding together with their ATV, dirt bike or even sand rail. Featuring residential-quality comforts and sufficient sleeping places to get a gaggle of cyclists, the Stealth Limited SURV out of Forest River enables the weekend warrior to get their cake and eat it too... plus they could eat it in fashion.

It is not often the term "lavish" refers to an SURV, however that is what comes to mind before entering the Stealth Limited FS2410. The cabinetry, fixtures and hardware are in the home in an upper-scale travel trailer, although the attention to detail through construction signifies fit and finish will be spot-on.

The galley comes with a three-burner cooker, two-door fridge and microwave convection oven to take care of cooking responsibilities. The microwave convection is beneath the cooker, which requires a while getting used to. I discovered that the counter space for somewhat lacking, but existence within an SURV is much more about catching a fast meal in your way outside than it is all about gourmet dining. The control panel can be found above the sink, also includes an estimate for your external gas tank.

The back of the Stealth is also, of course, booked for toy-hauling functions, but twin beds may be reduced through an electric-powered mechanism therefore passengers taking a rest can unwind facing this 19-inch TV/DVD ($652). The region also comprises two jack-knife couches and two little buffet-style tables to be used at mealtime once the beds are upward, and also for extra sleepers once the beds have been lowered during the night.

1 thing which we'd love to see changed is that your privacy-curtain arrangement for its electrical beds--that the curtain just sequesters sleepers around the upper bunk; these around the floor bunk are left vulnerable to the different occupants at the trailer.

When it is time to drag the toys, then the couches fold against the walls, the tables have been removed along with the rug pulled back to show that a dozen tie downs. The installation is a good use of distance, both while taking ATVs/bikes and also for sleeping arrangements. Due to these above change, you can see the development of futon mattress companies at

The master bedroom space won't violate any records for property, although there's enough room for your RV queen mattress in its own side-by-side orientation. Provided that one person sleeping around the futon-style mattress is much less than 6 ft tall, the two RVers will wake up refreshed after spending the night at the Stealth. A 15-inch TV/DVD participant is mounted curbside. A curtain separates the bedroom from the remainder of the trailer, such as the neighboring bathroom room and different sink.

Stealth limited FS2410 SURV from forest river big on luxury, sleeping accommodations

External, the 34-gallon outdoor gas channel ensures that your off-road experiences will not be cut off short. An Onan 4.0kW AC-generator is regular over the FS2410. The outside speakers are well worth noting because they are found down meaning that the songs from the conventional AM/FM/CD stereo hit your ears, not the neighbor.

The EZ elevator Ramp Door is suitably named, and its own 3,000-pound evaluation means it could withstand a number of the bigger off-road vehicles together with a buckle.

With space for the entire team, high quality appointments along with also a more amazing list of standard attributes, the Stealth over holds its own against most traditional travel trailers that are upscale. Insert in its SURV capacities, and it is not tough to envision seeing increasingly more Stealth trailers cruising down the street, get more guide at post: Home, sweet home , futon home

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