Restonic adds premium mattresses to 2 lines

Attempting to bridge the difference between its lines that were premium beddings, the promotional manufacturer Restonic has upgraded Chirotonic lines and its Sup-R-Posture at price points between $299 and $699 for versions using mattresses targeted.

Bill Brey said he expects that the new versions will provide a presence at the superior end of this marketplace to the $100 million business. Most models in the organization's flagship Marvelous Middle collection have the price of $799 for queen size futon mattresses. Beds at the line retail at $299 to $399 in queen size.

"To be prosperous in a competitive market, you must have the ability to offer a fantastic value at all price points," Brey add. "Both new collections give us." The beds, which surfaced in the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, N.C., are internal spring versions, though some include convoluted foam in the building.

The collection is composed of five styles: Heiress Duchess, Majestic, Monarch and Imperial, all which are extended in an assortment of stability and relaxation levels. The promotion thrust behind the goods is that customers have a choice of stability, and that fitness starts with a fantastic night's sleep.

The lineup --Laser, Horizon, La Maxima and Salle -- was designed and endorsed with the aid of the National Chiropractic Committee and designed for men. The Chirotonic sleep collection offers the appropriate body placement and company support required for comfy sleep, according to Dr. David C. Lindsey, chairman of the NCC and also a noted authority on spine issues.

Restonic adds premium mattresses to 2 lines

Two of those beds that are Chirotonic include the National Chiropractic Committee logo in their cover layouts.

Restonic has developed customer folders all-new for example gallery hints, in addition to paper advertising slicks and radio advertisements to back both sides.

"The beds give new opportunities for merchants," Brey said. "The typical consumer will probably be more comfy than about going up to better quality bedding with these exceptional products."

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