Private-label bedding program set Spring Air has introduced a new mattress

Spring Air has introduced a new mattress collection in association with Dial-A-Mattress, a direct-response retailer. The new Dial-A-Pedic collection is designed as a joint merchandising, private-label program that offers three mattresses at different price points. A Spring Air source reported that the company is negotiating with home shopping channels to distribute the new products. Both companies expect the joint project to benefit their existing product lines.

Bedding manufacturer Spring Air and direct-response retailer Dial-A-Mattress have unveiled the Dial-A-Pedic collection, a three-mattress, private-label, joint-merchandising program. Read more mattress-related posts at BONES' TELLS A SIMMONS TALE

"We have drawn on the preferences of millions of our customers and expertise of Spring Air to create first class products as value prices," said Napoleon Barragan, president and chief executive of Dial-A-Mattress.

Spring Air's president - Jeff Holmes added, "This is an exciting new product and marketing opportunity for both of our companies. We expect our relationship with high-profile industry expert Dial-A-Mattress to complement our existing marketing efforts. Both companies can expect to benefit significantly from the partnership."

Featured in the collection--with retail prices in queen size--are the Dial-A-Pedic Sapphire at $399, Emerald at $599 and top-of-the-line Diamond at $799. The Dial-A-Pedic Diamond, "A Bed For All Seasons," includes silk on one side--for spring and summer--and wool on the other--for fall and winter. It is the retailer's only four-season bedding. All mattresses have an ecru/gold damask cover.

Private-label bedding program set

"We expect that within 45 days, this product will account for about 10 percent of our business," said Danny Flamberg, director of marketing and advertising for Dial-A-Mattress. "We have an aggressive plan to sell $6 million at retail."

Paul Bagoon, president and owner of Spring Air's North Arlington, N.J. license, was responsible for designing the Dial-A-Pedic collection. "We hit every price point to give Dial-A-Mattress and their consumers the best possible specifications, quality and value in the entire marketplace," Bagoon commented. "This is a win-win-win situation--the consumer gets the best possible specs at the best price, Dial-A-Mattress is selling the finest quality merchandise and specification at a sharp price and Spring Air will grow with Dial as another large national account."

The new bedding lineup, said Bagoon, is not a good-better-best setup, but is instead "better, even better and better yet." The Sapphire mattress is a 364-coil, 123/4-gauge-steel unit. "Usually you have to get to the middle of a line to find that," Bagoon noted. The Emerald and Diamond are both 630-coil, 141/2-gauge-steel units.

According to Flamberg, Dial-A-Mattress made a strategic decision a while back to have a private-label program however the actual joining of forces occurred out in San Francisco, Cal. this past spring at the International Sleep Products Association convention.

"Nap and Jeff got together and found a personal chemistry between them and [also found] that their philosophies about innovation, technology and business were much more aligned that some of the other conversations Nap has had with other people in the bedding business," Flamberg related. "It was a combination of a good bid on the program and the personal and corporate chemistry."

Linda Baer, Spring Air's director of advertising, remarked that the marketing and advertising approach, currently in the works, would be a combined effort, visit page to get information

"We are negotiating right now with a number of home shopping channels and this product will be featured in that effort," Flamberg said. "We also have preliminary storyboards for infomercials which we intend to run as early as the beginning of the fourth quarter to sell this product nationally," he added.

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