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  • Platform assist: Hatchlift’s super-stout RV Bedlift Kit provides under-mattress storage access without having to use the ol’ noggin for support

Platform assist: Hatchlift’s super-stout RV Bedlift Kit provides under-mattress storage access without having to use the ol’ noggin for support

One of the most precious commodities in any RV is storage space. While owners take advantage of every nook and cranny, the storage space under a platform bed is generally regarded as highly valuable to house bulky items. The use of gas struts facilitates access, but the factory hardware tends to fail too quickly, leaving the very real possibility of being clunked on the head.

Compounds that with the use of heavier mattresses, as owners and factories opt for more comfortable beds, and the need for a stronger lift system is paramount to take full advantage of the potential storage space. Hatchlift, a company that cut its teeth on high-quality compartment door struts, is now offering RV Bedlift Kits designed to handle the extra weight, get more tips from here: Mattress mfrs. targeting younger generations

Hatchlift's super stout RV Bedlift Kit provides under mattress storage access without having to use the ol' noggin for support

After replacing the bed in our fifth-wheel trailer with a much heavier, residential-style foam mattress, the factory struts were overtaxed to the point of failure, making access dangerous. We turned to Hatchlift for a solution and installed a specific Bedlift Kit that made the platform amazingly light to pull up and push down--and handled the weight in the open position with little fear of having the wood structure falling on our heads. The nice feature with the Bedlift Kit is that the struts are also designed to assist with closing the platform so that it doesn't slam against the base structure and risk potential injury.

Before purchasing the Bedlift Kit, it's important to identify the type of platform and how it hinges, and the size and weight of the mattress. The company's comprehensive website will guide you through the process. Related page: https://futonszone.com/slimmed-manufacturer-retailer-emerges-chapter-11/

To install the struts, a number of accurate measurements must be taken. Angles and bracket positioning are critical to ensure that the struts move freely, and Hatchlift has taken all the guesswork out of this process. Concise instructions identify just about every configuration, and the only way to mess up is to breeze through the process without following the steps precisely.

The kit comes complete with all the hardware necessary for the installation. Wood blocks are provided to support platform bases that are less than solid, or take up space to align any trim with the surface of the main structure; in our case they were not needed. You'll have to find a piece of wood that's long enough to prop the platform open 39 inches from the floor, which gives you plenty of space to work under the platform. Having a helper ready to catch the platform, should the wood support scoot out of position, is wise.

From here, it's just a matter of installing the lower and upper brackets using the Vs-inch wood screws and snapping on the struts, after going through the steps to make sure the platform opens and closes without binding. The mattress and bedding must be in place to test the operation of the struts.

Hatchlift RV Bedlift Kits sell for $53 to $62 and will quickly become one of the best investments you'll ever make, especially for those who've had the misfortune of supporting the platform with their heads.

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