Ortho becomes distributor, maker of Kingsdown bedding

Ortho, a 46-unit factory direct mattress company based here, has entered an agreement to produce and distribute bedding for the Mebane, N.C.-based mattress maker Kingsdown.

Howard M. Roeder, president of Ortho, said the agreement marks the first time that the factory direct company, which manufactures and sells Orthopedic brand bedding, has carried a label other than its own, Get information here VP Tipton resigns from Serta

Roeder noted, "We've agreed to distribute their products in our stores. So far, it's going very well. For the time of year that we're in, we've been very pleased with the reaction that we've gotten."

Kingsdown has distributed its bedding in California through furniture retailers. Eric Hinshaw, president of the mattress manufacturer, noted, however, "This is an expansion for us. It gives us expanded distribution into northern California and extended distribution in southern California, where we have really done very little."

Hinshaw called the agreement "a pilot project" and noted that the company is considering entering similar agreements in other areas of the country where its products are not distributed and where it does not plan to open a factory of its own.

He noted, "It is already going well. We will look at other areas where it might fit. We are particularly looking at the mountain states. We are not looking at this in areas we currently cover. That would take away from our own factories."

Ortho on Dec. 5 rolled out Kingsdown's flagship Sleeping Beauty bedding in 25 stores, mostly in Southern California. By mid-February, the brand will be introduced at 21 locations in Northern California. Ortho will also manufacture Kingsdown bedding for other retailers in the state.

Ortho becomes distributor, maker of Kingsdown bedding

The retailer has developed exclusive versions of six Sleeping Beauty beds, including the top-of-the-line, hand-tufted Insignia (priced to retail for up to $2,000) and the more affordably priced variation of that bed, the Moonlight (priced to retail for as much as $1,000).

While Orthopedic beds retail from $299 to $899, the retailer's Sleeping Beauty line retails from $699 to $1,499. The Orthopedic beds pair a coil innerspring with a module-type box spring; the Sleeping Beauty beds feature a coil innerspring and a coil box spring.

Roeder noted, "They merchandise together extremely well. They (the Sleeping Beauty line) are our ultra premium group of beds, they are our umbrella. When you go from Miracoil coil-on-module to Miracoil coil-on-coil handcrafted beds, you create a strong step-up story."

He said Ortho added Kingsdown "to offer the mattress customer a selection. One of the definitions of selection, in my mind, is having more than one vendor. I have a great deal of respect for Eric (Kingsdown president Eric Hinshaw) and his innovations in products and marketing."

He said Ortho plans to add a third brand soon, but it is premature to say which one. "It's going to happen as early as we can put the deal together," he noted. You can read the mattress-related post at https://futonszone.com/ohio-mattress-wins-sealy-suit-122m-damages-awarded-2-franchise-holders/

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