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FRATERNAL TWINS JOSEPH and John Dumbacher live nearly 2,400 miles apart from (The former includes a contemporary Los Angeles-area home by Hagy Belzberg, the latter a prewar apartment in Washington, D.C.) However whenever the brothers put together to operate with their avant garde art --reminiscent of Donald Judd--that the assembly occurs at a TriBeCa loft remodeled by Gluckman Mayner Architects.

The company's art-centric portfolio includes jobs much grander in scale, Dia: Chelsea at New York along with also the Andy Warhot Museum at Pittsburgh among these. But did Chief Richard Gluckman wait to undertake a mere 1,000 square feet on the third floor with a century-old cast-iron construction? Not a little.

"The interesting thing was that it was little however it arrived with such a program that was dumb," Gluckman states. "Joe and John had somewhere to sleep a place to perform their job, and somewhere to reveal it all at a rectangle "Clients and builder struck a most important gesture in their very first meeting, when John Dumbacher walked with a photo of a traditional wooden workbench. "Richard stated the answer was clear," the artist recalls.

Meet me in the middle futon queen

"We had divide the attic in 2 halves together with all our 'workbench' running down the centre."At Gluckman's palms, the workbench notion turned into a desk using a 22-by-3-foot shirt of light gray Corian plus a foundation of MDF painted a slightly darker shade of grey. That foundation comprises little slots for publications and large storage spaces such as custom folding beds --Luxurious futons, if you may. Back in this dining table, Gluckman set up a "kitchen" a small stainless unit using an integral sink space and space beneath to get a fridge and spacious shelving.

There is no demand to get dishwasher or a stove if Nobu is still a neighbor. The room's decor is alike pared-down: Dark Aeron job seats and Rodolfo Dordonis whitened leather-covered lounge. Walls are disrupted by a plasma screen TV, an intangible oil by Rainer Splitt, also Dumbacher functions, made up of stabilized cotton and pigment in ceramic or zinc boxes. The Dumbachers' current anodized-aluminum sculpture is much more natural in shape, melding workmanship and technologies in a intricate procedure between computer renderings, polyurethane molds, and also specific software to operate the manufacturing machinery. Read more articles at

The brothers create this job in the front of the attic, at a 95-square foot alcove which Gluckman transformed to a pristine division with the support of vinyl floors and a sliding glass door. In the back of the attic, where every brother has a dressing area, Gluckman needed to compensate for your shortage of pure light. To revamp the dressing rooms, he utilized translucent acrylic sliding panels decorated with fluorescents. Still cleverer is your kitchen's 2-way mirror--and supporting it that the little bathroom. "Surprise and magical," John Dumbacher claims of this remedy, which permits him to shower whilst looking all of the way through the attic's east-facing windows without even getting a part of performance art.

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