King Koil scores at retail; replaces rival at 35 Mattress Giant

Mattress Giant, bedding specialty retailer with 55 locations in Florida, Texas and Missouri, is adding the King Koil brand to its Dallas, Houston and St. Louis locations. King Koil replaces Springwall in the 35 stores in those markets.

Although King Koil has displaced Springwall in Texas and Missouri, Springwall will remain in Mattress Giant's Florida locations for the present. Other manufacturers carried by Mattress Giant are Spring Air, Simmons, Serta, Sealy and Stearns & Foster. See more: CPSC Reviews Mattress Safety

"The reason for adding King Koil is simple: We think the product will sell better." commented Phil Lang, president of Mattress Giant. "Really, what other reason is there?"

Mattress Giant previously carried several King Koil models in its Texas locations, but King Koil will have "an expanded presence" in those stores, noted Lang.

Based on the success of the King Koil products in Texas stores, Mattress Giant is offering a 10-model lineup, priced from $399 to $999 in queen size futon mattress. The selection encompasses King Koil's Spinal Guard line, the step-up line, Posture Bond, as well as promotional products. Both Spinal Guard and Posture Bond are endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association. This line include both queen size futon mattress as well as other general sizes such as twin size, king size and so on.

King Koil scores at retail; replaces rival at 35 Mattress Giant

The King Koil models began hitting Mattress Giant floors on May 1. The line will be completely phased in over a three-week period, just in time for Memorial Day weekend sales. It is expected that at this event, about 1,000 queen size futon mattresses will be purchased.

"We had been in the Texas Mattress Giant stores for a little over two years. During that time we have been working hard to build their confidence and build the credibility and the story of King Koil," reported Dave Powers, vice president of sales and marketing for King Koil. "We are doubling our slots in the Texas stores and re-entering the St. Louis market." Get more information: Spring cleaning; Group's mattress recycling may spread

"The expanded business is good for both Mattress Giant and King Koil," continued Powers."It's a major re-entry into the St. Louis market for us. It's good for Giant because in that market the King Koil name is strong; the brand awareness is solid."

King Koil had been a major supplier to St. Louis-based Rothman Furniture but lost the business several years ago due to "factory changes," according to Powers. The Mattress Giant stores in St. Louis will be supplied by King Koil's Burlington, Iowa, licensee, Eastman House.

Dale Steinbeck, president of Rothman's, is "not concerned at all" about King Koil's re-entry into the St. Louis area. "I think consumers tend to buy more on the reputation of the dealer, not the name of the product."

Executives for Springwall were unavailable for comment at press time. Let’s select the exact Queen size futon

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