How to purchase futon and sofa bed online

Internet is becoming the global trend, almost 80% population use Internet these days. E-commerce is dramatically developing as well, more and more people prefer purchase online. However, shopping online, particularly for such furniture like futon and sofa bed, can be a tough challenge if you have no idea about manufacturers, brands and quality.

For instance, if you are in urgent need of a futon or a sofa bed, but you cannot go directly to the furniture stores because they are too far or etc, what should you do now? The only option you have is to purchase it online without any physically trial or touch. The problem is how can you know which is the best one, which have the high-quality?

Customers’ reviews can be a suggestion, but when there are too many reviews, which one is reliable? Not easy at all, you see. It is the reason why today we decide to present you instruction on how to purchase futon and sofa bed online effectively.

How to purchase futon and sofa bed online

Online shopping

Step 1: Finding information

The first and important thing you should do is to deeply understand a plenty of different manufacturers and brands of futon and sofa bed. You are recommended to go to some large futon & sofa bed brands to find some useful information. Later, if you find that such information is not enough, calling directly to the customer service phone number on the website to ask for knowledge from them.

Big box online stores like Walmart, Hayneedle or Wayfair unfortunately do not offer this service because they provide thousands of products and it is impossible for them to keep in mind all the knowledge of a detail one.

So, if you have any question about futon and sofa bed, you have better ask the staff at an online futon & sofa bed store where they are knowledgeable about their products and able to provide reasonable suggestions based on your needs and wants.


Step 2: Delivery and shipping

Futon or sofa bed is not a small piece of furniture, so if you place an order, normally it will be delivered by common carrier truck. When goods are shipping by this way, the truck comes to your address, driver takes the goods off the truck, contacts you to receive the goods only. They will not bring it inside for you and you have to assemble the futon/sofa bed by yourself.

Step 3: Local delivery

Local delivery is available when you purchase from an online local retailer. In this case, it is possible that they offer you a full delivery: bring the goods inside, unwrap and assemble with quite reasonable fee. Remember, “free-shipping” only applies to curbside drop off, no setup, no assemble.


Step 4: Consider the product reviews

Last but not least, customers’ review is one of the most important factor you need to consider while purchasing a product. It may be useful sometimes, however, can make you confusing as well. For example, you come across a $500 futon and see many negative reviews about its longevity.

How can you know the frequency people use this futon while such price range of futon is just suitable for occasional use only? Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the usage. If you want to use your daily and expect it to last as long as possible, then firstly ask for consulting from futon sales staff.

In general, we highly recommend you to purchase futon and sofa beds online via specialty stores than the general online stores like Walmart. Futon and sofa bed is a significant investment, so carefully consider before deciding.

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