How to love your futon cover again

Sometimes, you are bored with your old futon and want to give it a new look. Then getting a new futon cover for it can be a great choice. Flexibility to change the cover is considered as one of the greatest advantages of futon and the reason why more and more people love to use it.

You can change your futon cover each two months or any time you want without costing too much money. There are a wide range of futon covers for you to choose, from energetic microfiber, cottons and textured and patterned cozy chenille. Each option has its own benefits and features.

First of all, you can choose futon covers made from synthetic materials such as microfiber. This kind of material can be polyester, nylon or the combination of two. Because of its characteristics, you can use this cover all year long. In comparison with other fabric material such as leather, microfiber is more durable.

Moreover, you can comfortably use it without the fear of being scratched up. Cleaning up easily is another benefit of microfiber futon cover. In fact, with water and a soft cloth you can get rid of almost dust and stains from the futon cover.


On the other hand, chenille is also a common material for making futon cover. This material, in fact, is a name of the process in which the fabric made of pile yarns pulled together by the two ends of a tightly twisted piece of core, or stronger yarn. Different fibers can be used to manufacture this kind of fabric.

According to many consumers, chenille is quite soft, offers a cozy feeling. It can be a great choice during cold season because of the luxury warm feeling. You can maintain it easily in case you choose one with three-way zipper structure. Dry clean is highly recommended because liquid can cause damage to this fabric.

However, to choose the best futon cover for your current futon, there are somethings you need to keep in mind such as size, loft and so on.

Handmade futon covers are the great choice if you have a 6 to 8-inch futon mattress. Then, it will fit the mattress perfectly. These days, three-way-zipper futon covers are one of the most popular one. This kind of cover allow us to easily put the mattress inside or routinely clean up. While processing the zipping, do not worry too much about the lineup of the edge.


Another thing you should pay attention is the thickness of the futon mattress. With futon mattress having thickness from 6 to 8 inches, standard futon cover is suitable. For other levels of thickness, you have better ask the sales staff for suggestions.

In general, futon cover is decorated around the edges by piping. Piping is various in colors, patterns and designs to compliment the main cover.

Inlay is a base side of a futon cover. Various texture can be used to make it. Normally, cover is printed on top and in the other side, there is a solid fabric. This aims to lower the price of cover. Additionally cover with inlay could be flipped on the off chance that you were edgy to conceal a stain before organization arrives or regardless of whether you incline toward the strong side for a difference in pace.

Since there are various kinds of different materials for producing futon covers, you may be overwhelmed. We are pleased to make this decision much easier by summarizing the ideal features of a futon cover as below:

· Fabric all around

· Three-sided zipper closure

· Cover fits a 6″-8″ futon mattress

· Sizes available: Cot (30″ x 75″), Chair (28″ x 54″), Ottoman (21″ x 28″), Twin (39″ x 75″), Twin Split (39″ x 54″), Twin Ottoman (39″ x 21″), Full (54″ x 75″), Love Seat (54″ x 54″), L. Ottoman (54″ x 21″), Queen (60″ x 80″), King (78″ x 80″)

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