How to keep your futon on the frame

Sometimes, you get mad when your futon does not stay on the frame and keep on flipping. What should you do? It is time you have better have a try to the grip strips. It will be a useful tool for you to keep your futon on place properly and lower the ability of flipping off the frame.

Futon grip strips

These strips are designed with the goal that their bottoms stick to the frame’s slats therefore it cannot move anymore. The top of the strip, on the other hand, is made from foam material, creates the friction between the foam and the futon mattress when they are in contact.

A complete set of grip strips includes 1 pair and you are recommended to use them for balanced resistance, one for the seat deck and the other for the back one. You have to place the strips near the edge of the futon frame, as close as possible, along the total length of the frame. On the seat deck, put the grip strip towards the front edge on the top of the frame’s slats. On the back deck, place the strip towards the top of the edge of the frame’s slats.

Futon grip pad

Non-slip Futon Grip Pad is another choice you have in order to keep your futon on the futon frame properly. With this option, all you need to do is to place the pad between the futon frame’s seat and the futon mattress to prevent the futon from flipping. You can take advantage of this pad with all sizes of futon frames.

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