Eastman buys Aireloom Bedding, Chittenden and Eastman Company

Chittenden & Eastman Company Inc. buys Aireloom Bedding, a manufacturer of bedding and sleeper sofas. The acquisition will improve Eastman's manufacturing and distribution operations in the West Coast region and free up 15% to 20% of the company's Burlington facility's manufacturing capacity. Aireloom's Pres Eugene Detmer will remain with the company in a key management position.

Iowa--As part of its plan to expand its distribution nationally, Eastman House, a division of Chittenden & Eastman Co., has announced that it has acquired the assets of the El Monte, Cal.-based Aireloom Bedding, a maker of bedding and sleeper sofas with annual sales approaching $10 million. If you want to find more information about mattress industry, check here Private-label bedding program set

Eastman buys Aireloom Bedding

Don Robb, Eastman House president, said the acquisition "will greatly increase our manufacturing and distribution abilities on the West Coast, while at the same time arranging for an extra 15 to 20 percent producing limit at our Burlington office.” Robb said the purchase will increase Eastman House's production capabilities by about 60 percent and will strengthen the company's presence in California and other western states.

He said Eugene Detmer, president of Aireloom, and Rodney Fore, vice president of manufacturing, who each have at least 20 years with Aireloom, have agreed to remain with that company in key management positions.

Eugene Detmer, president of Aireloom, called the acquisition "a very positive thing for Aireloom and the [65] people here. It's the best thing that could happen to us."

Detmer said in the last year, "the company was held in an estate, and it was definitely a strapped situation. I think this will give us the impetus to grow. We will be able to crank up our machine and start to move with some definite leadership. I see some great growth potential."

Aireloom was founded in 1950 by King Karpen, who died in 1992. Early in his career, Karpen worked for the West Coast plant of S. Karpen & Brothers, the Michigan City, Ind.-based upholstered furniture business started by his grandfather in 1881.

He founded Aireloom in 1950 in Alhambra, Cal. Today, the company manufactures all of its bedding in an 88,000-square-foot plant in El Monte, east of downtown Los Angeles.

While most of its customers are concentrated on the West Coast, it also has major dealers in Michigan, New York, Colorado and Connecticut, among other places.

The company is known for ultra premium mattresses (from $699 to $2,000), which are distributed through traditional furniture stores and through the design trade. The bedding features eight-way, hand-tied box springs; cotton upholstery, and handcrafted edges.

Late last year, Eastman House, which distributes its bedding primarily through mid-western, mountain and southern states, signed an agreement to enter a cooperation with Hartford-based company, Blue Bell Mattress Co.

Under the joint venture, Blue Bell [which is also a King Koil licensee], is producing, selling and distributing Eastman House brand bedding in New York and New England.

Robb noted that the company "is still aggressively seeking to obtain a manufacturing facility in the Southeast, via either acquisition or through a joint venture."

Eastman House, with sales estimated at $40 million, is reportedly among the largest independent bedding makers. See more >> https://futonszone.com/ortho-becomes-distributor-maker-kingsdown-bedding/

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