Computer soft sell; Dial-a-Mattress rides superhighway

Dial-a-Mattress Franchise Corp., which sells mattresses by phone, has increased earnings 50 percent by selling via Internet and online services. Along with two websites, Dial-a-Mattress utilizes CompuServe and Bloomberg. Typical price per sale diverse from $2.60 to $5.75, and the average online sale was 557, when compared with the organization's overall average sale of $450. It promotes to states on ships and TV mattresses.

Total Text: NEW YORK--its attempts are currently expanding to market mattresses.

As its name states, the retail company stays selling over the phone. However, it's branched out to the Web and many computer services.

"We are 50 percent ahead of last year so far as online revenue," explained Joseph Vicens, executive vice president and general director of Dial-a-Mattress. The business has renewed its contracts, and has had websites on CompuServe and Bloomberg for at least a year. On Prodigy, it launched a service at the middle of March and put up online.

At the first 11 months of 1994 with CompuServe and Bloomberg, Dial-a-Mattress sold 104 individuals mattresses. The typical ticket was $557, greater than the $450 average of the company. The cost-per-lead, which varied from $2.60 to $5.75, is aggressive with prices for television advertisements.

"We got our investment back five occasions on Bloomberg and double on CompuServe," Vicens noted. He stated he'll need assistance, although the business intends to invest $100,000 with services that are online according to Vicens.

After over a month on Prodigy, owned by Sears and IBM, results are combined. Vicens noted that the price of Prodigy is "disproportionately high," but stated it provides Dial-a-Mattress another customer base on which to check its own message.

"We are donating $3,000 to $4,000 per day in earnings on Prodigy," he reported. "That is significantly less than what we hoped for, but based on surveys with clients who've bought from us online, we are trying to update the creative and be more user-friendly. We are going to keep it simple, with more animation and graphics, which should do just fine."

Computer soft sell; Dial-a-Mattress rides superhighway

The sale on Prodigy is constant with all Dial-a-Mattress' average phone sale of approximately $450, which places it below the typical on CompuServe and Bloomberg. "Prodigy strikes more of the populace and brings the normal ticket price down marginally," Vicens continued. Read more related posts at

The arena is another gold mine for earnings, based on Vicens. Dial-a-Mattress' Internet and all intended to reach global audiences. The business has started to broadcast a television commercial advertisements its delivery support. The business operates with three transport services in New York.

"We are averaging a couple of sales per week providing mattresses to transport companies here in New York," reported Vicens, including that the mattresses are likely to countries as varied as Japan, Ireland and Pakistan. "We are letting people know there's international capacity so far as shipping"

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