When Bruce Singer needs to reach the president of bedding producer

Bruce Singer is in need of meeting the president of a big bedding and futon mattress company – Gold Bond Mattress. It may be a difficult problem with many people, but with Singer, he knows how to contact with him.

Currently Singer is the president of Puritan Furniture. It is a West Hartford-based retail company and owns by his family. President of Gold Bond, Bob Naboicheck, is his acquaintance for a long period of time.

Because Naboicheck has foreseen the change of the market toward the quality and personal preference, he brings Gold Bond to a further step. In order to develop the grid of multi-generational relationships, he starts his expansion project of marketing its new premium innerspring queen size futon mattress outside the Northeast area. More related posts at: ONE RESTLESS WEEK FOR TWO SLEEP CHAINS

As a result, at the beginning of this spring, Naboicheck’s company has released a new line of Gold Bond Premium which includes handmade innerspring and box spring queen size futon mattresses. This line is the combination of various outstanding features that Gold Bond has been well-known for, such as the coil system of Holland (Michigan) Wire Products, coil box, the quantity of cotton up to 60 pounds and the anti-heating pads. A set of queen size futon mattress has a retail price from $599 to $1,499.

When Bruce Singer needs to reach the president of bedding producer

“We keep on producing the handcrafted product called Old World with the advanced technology since we have a system of modern equipment.”

“Natural products are always our favorite items. There are a plenty of natural cotton, wool or silk used in our process of manufacturing.”

Since Gold Bond Mattress has only one manufacture plant, Naboicheck has no plan to develop the “Big S’s” strategy. However, in his opinion, the market demand for handmade queen size futon mattress is bigger and bigger.

Midwest and Southeast are two markets that Naboicheck expects to enter this year. However, due to the limited number of factory, Gold Bond Mattress’s president still hesitates about over-extension problem.

In recent years, queen size futon mattress is one of the main categories that the company concentrates on. It is because the president believes that there is a chance for the market to be back to the basic mattress business. “You can easily see the decrease in the quality of products, since the cost of materials is keeping down,” he stated. “So a plenty of sizzle were out.”

Singer never expects sizzle to be one thing he finds in Gold Bond, and it makes him happy.

“Gold Bond has reflected exactly how the industry was in the past,” he noted. “This relationship is a long term one and very strong. It is hard to see these days.”

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