When Bruce Singer needs to reach the president of bedding producer

When Bruce Singer needs to reach the president of bedding producer Gold Bond Mattress, he knows who to ask for -- and Singer knows he will get through to him.

Singer, president of Puritan Furniture, a family-owned West Hartford retailer, has known Bob Naboicheck, president of the century-old, family-owned Gold Bond, all of his life. And Singer's father had that same open line when he dealt with Naboicheck's father.

Seeing a need to mix quality with that personal touch, Naboicheck is taking Gold Bond a step further. He is seeking to cultivate future multigenerational relationships by quietly beginning to expand the company's marketing of premium innerspring futon mattresses beyond the Northeast corridor, click here: ONE RESTLESS WEEK FOR TWO SLEEP CHAINS

Earlier this spring, after a year's research, Naboicheck introduced the Gold Bond Premium line of handmade innerspring mattresses and box springs. The line incorporates many of the features that his company has long been known for: Holland (Michigan) Wire Products hand-assembled coil spring systems; coil box springs; hand-tufting; wool; up to 60 pounds of cotton in a futon mattress; and sisal insulation pads. Retail prices for a queen set range from $599 to $1,499.

When Bruce Singer needs to reach the president of bedding producer

"We continue to make that Old World, handcrafted product with the technology that today's sophisticated equipment allows you to do,".

"We are a big believer in natural products. We use a lot of natural cotton, a lot of virgin wool and a lot of raw silk."

Naboicheck has no interest in going toe to toe with the "Big S's" since he has only one factory. But he does think there is demand for handcrafted queen size futon mattress and personal attention.

Naboicheck expects to penetrate the Midwest and Southeast markets, but he doesn't want to overextend himself, operating with one plant. 

Gold Bond had been focusing on futons in recent years when Naboicheck saw a chance to get back into the standard mattress business. "We saw the decline from a quality point of view, with a lowering of material costs," he said. "It turned into a lot of sizzle."

Sizzle is nothing Singer expects to find when he calls Gold Bond. And he is glad of it.

"Gold Bond is how the industry used to be years ago," Singer said. "That long-term relationship is very strong, and that is a rarity today."

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