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A jovial skeleton system in a mattress testing Centre may do for Simmons BackCare exactly what the bowling ball has done for Simmons Beautyrest. "BackCare Bones," to be released in the furniture marketplace this week, is the fundamental character for Simmons Co.'s first nationwide marketing campaign for its next flagship brand, BackCare. "Bones" and all the new tag line -- Five Zones for Your Bones -- is meant to emphasize the item's patented five-zoned structure at a fun, memorable manner.

In accordance with Simmons' executive vice president Ron Passaglia, The pressures bedding retailers and producers confront need "great, old fashioned marketing" to earn bedding exciting for retailers and consumers. "Much like the Beautyrest bowling ball advertisements, the BackCare Bones Campaign gives consumers and retailers something to discuss, while making a statement regarding the newest," Passaglia continued. And such as the bowling ball advertisements, the brand new BackCare campaign offers "a stunning presentation to reveal product differentiation for customer gains," he clarified. View Sealy changes lines, marketing at futonadvisors


The effort includes a 30-second nationwide TV spot plus a 25-second place with time to get a dealer label. The advertisements were created using motion capture animation -- a technology very similar to that utilized in "Jurassic Park" and also the well known Budweiser frogs advertising. The storyline of these advertisements is based on the Life Span of BackCare Bones, a worker of a mattress-testing centre. Dealing with mattresses every day has made BackCare Bones a mattress’s ability. After working hours, then the skeleton comes to life and chooses to sleep the five-zoned Simmons BackCare mattress.

Viewers see -- throughout the Simmons "Zon-I-Tron" system -- just how the mattress structure and layout support the bottoms of the body. As a part of an entire program to present the new effort to BackCare traders, Simmons has generated an eight-minute video about the making of this commercial. "We looked at several different approaches to showcase your brand's Unrivaled advantages and attributes, manners that could stick out in the flooding of mattress advertisements reevaluate the airwaves," noted Don Hofmann, vice president of advertisements. He added that although the five-star theory of BackCare is quite instinctive, the challenge is how to convey it in an intriguing manner.

"It is hard enough for customers to differentiate the difference between each one between the mattresses on the market. This commercial was developed to clearly illustrate why BackCare's five-zoned structure is really exceptional," Hofmann added. The television campaign is going to be nationwide and much like reach to Simmons Beautyrest advertising. The entire advertising budget and program aren't closing; nonetheless, Hofmann noted that the budget will probably be equal to the $13 million invested annually in cable advertising, also is anticipated to be rather evenly divided between Simmons Beautyrest and Simmons BackCare.

Hofmann said the purposes of sale as well as other trader efforts in construction The BackCare new and increasing awareness are only as important as the TV spots. "The vast majority of traders do not run TV ads, so many customers will be receiving the message in the retail floor" Simmons has developed a whole line of in-store service Substances because of its traders, such as headboards, pillow shams, banners, posters, mobiles and stand up versions, all available instantly.

Public relations and advertising events have been developed. BackCare, that was introduced over two Decades ago, Contributes almost $60 million into Simmons' earnings of over $530 million. An amount of major retailers take the line. Related page:

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